The Democracy Series

The Democracy Series (2019)

When the Shiraz Republic approached me to design a typographic treatment and label for their limited ‘Democracy Series’ set of wines, I saw it as a great opportunity to implement some of my sign painting skills after being inspired by hand written protest signs. 

With typography and colour designed to be flexible depending on the variety of the wine, the outcome will allow them to continue their experiments with lesser known or international tastes.

Productive Poppets

Productive Poppets (2015)

As a small craft startup, Productive Poppets needed an identity that highlighted the vibrancy that shines through their range of sewn products and the variety of fabrics used. Mainly focused on children’s products aimed to keep children busy when socially out and about. Wanting to use a unique icon and highly colourful elements in order to extend their visual presence and inherent production techniques and playfulness.

Fairy Creations by Lynda

Fairy Creations by Lynda (2015)

Fairy Creations by Lynda wanted an identity that playfully interacted with the ‘fairy’ aspects of the name, but also wanted to keep the visuals subtle. Unexpectedly utilising uppercase letters, I kept things playful by hinting at the hide and seek nature of fairies and children.


C-KOL (2012)

is a film production and communications studio based in Melbourne, Australia. When designing this identity in 2012, C-KOL wanted something that could not only grow and adapt with their business and have the ability to stand up in both the art and corporate sectors when needed, but also visually represent both their professionalism and personality.


Ecovore (2011)

Ecovore came to me trying to create a voice for promoting the awareness of an environmentally friendly diet in aid of climate change, specifically the consumption of game meats and vegetable-based foods. The result was a fun little identity that gives a nod to the kinds of meat that one can embrace and enjoy.

Quixote Productions

Quixote Productions (2011)

Quixote Productions required an identity that highlighted and embraced their love of both the Spanish novel ‘Don Quixote’, as well as connected to their abilities as creative storytellers.

Optin Solutions

Optin Solutions (2011)

Optin Solutions wanted an identity that spoke to the collaborative nature of their business, therefore the design plays with the idea that clarity comes from a partnership of knowledge and skills.

Dean Phillips

Dean Phillips (2009)

After successfully designing the identity for sister company Darkon, I was asked to create a new identity for parent company Dean Phillips Architectural Lighting and Design. For this identity, we wanted to create something that showed the contemporary, unique and personal nature of the lighting made by this side of the company, therefore the identity looked to express these qualities.

CS&HITB Conference 2007

CS&HITB Conference (2007)

Coming off the success of the previous year, I was again asked by the Community Services and Health Industry Training Board to create a typographic response for the theme ‘Skilled for Life’ for their Annual Awards and Conference.

Quality Outcomes

Quality Outcomes (2007)

Quality Outcomes came to me requiring an identity that strengthened and enhanced their proposal to improve the strategic development of disability services.

Working Training

Working Training (2007)

The identity for Working Training was developed as part of a proposal that looked to improve workforce strategies and training through working together.


Darkon (2007)

Darkon is an architectural lighting design company based in Melbourne, Australia. Created as a sister company for Dean Phillips Architectural Lighting and Design, when designing the identity I wanted to create something that reflected the refined and often angular nature of the high-quality lighting that Darkon provides. I was later commissioned to create an entire typeface based on the letterforms of the identity.

SpenIT Services

SpenIT Services (2006)

When asked to create this identity, SpenIT Services were looking for a design that elevated their presence as a small business to their customers and gave them a visual point of difference from their competitors.

Bonnie Oudendyk

Bonnie Oudendyk (2006)

Fresh out of design school, Bonnie came to me looking for an identity that would not only set her apart from her competition, but also act as a powerful, yet personal touch to lead any potential full-time job applications should they arise.

Cornella Ridge Estate

Cornella Ridge Estate (2005)

As a young vineyard in the prominent Shiraz region of Heathcote, Australia, Cornella Ridge Estate came to me looking to create an identity that they could help them stand up and present themselves and their wine with pride.

Drawing inspiration from hand painted details found on the many pieces of old machinery situated on the property, this identity speaks to both the professionalism and quality of the wine, but also the wonderful personalities of the wine makers.