Roy Mint Co. Artworks

Roy Mint Co. Artworks (2016)

In 2016, I was commissioned my Roy Mint Co. to become a featured artist in their newly created mint packaging. Intrigued by the concept, I created a few artworks featuring a selection of my typefaces to be used within each tin. RMCo. were looking to promote and embrace local talent, so I was quite happy to take part in such a unique and unusual delivery system and initiative as their first artist.

The featured typefaces included Ono, Amble, Apelo, Lector and Fathom as single letters spelling out the company name over multiple tins, while a select few contained the entire alphabets. There is also a nice little spiel about me and each typeface on the back of the cards.

Thanks Roy Mint Co.!

For more information about Roy Mint Co. and where to find them, visit:

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