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Peck (2016)

Peck was designed for an installation piece that I created for the Academy of Design, Australia in 2016. When I was asked by artist Michael Peck (hence the name) if I could develop a typographic piece for a newly implemented creative space utilizing small wooden pegs as a basis, I jumped at the chance to make some large-scale type.

With the limitation of only being able to use/fill roughly half for the pegs and holes (due to continued ventilation being required behind the installation), I produced a typeface that was connected via the use of coloured rubber bands, which you can see here. (Problems with rubber quality led me to recreate the piece with coloured wool).

For the completed typeface, I looked to continue the playful nature of the letterforms while further exploring the overlapping composition and colours. The result is a typeface that is perfectly legibile on its own, but also one that becomes deliberately more challenging when composed into words and sentences.

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