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Pegboard Wall (2016)

This public installation was designed at the request of the Academy of Design Australia. The brief was to produce a piece of work for a newly installed pegboard wall and highlight it as a space for creation.

The typographic artwork that I created was designed to instigate a dialogue that promoted deeper thought and challenged the observer through its slightly illegible, colourful and overlapping letterforms.

Looking to engage both the students and staff alike, I emblazoned the words “CHALLENGE WHAT IS EXPECTED.” onto the wall (first in rubber bands, and later in string) in an effort to remind us that the “expected” answer is not always the “right” answer.

As creatives we should not always follow the safe path that most others will choose, because challenging ourselves and others to try something new or different will almost always lead to more interesting results.

Thanks Michael Peck for filming/recording (and asking me in the first place) and Laura Cousens for editing.

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