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What I Know Now Exhibition

These three posters were designed for the exhibition ‘What I Know Now’ held at the Academy of Design in Port Melbourne, Australia in 2014.

Themed around the concept of expanding knowledge, I set each poster in a different typeface that aimed to progressively push the observer’s perception. Typeset on each poster is a quote that explores perception and experimentation from Herbert Spencer, Donald Schön and Gerard Unger.

Included alongside was the following statement:

“When thinking about the theme ‘What I know Now’, my mind unsurprisingly gravitates towards my approach to the creation of letterforms. When I started making letters I was bound to the expectations of each letter shape and how they should be created. However, slowly but surely through many experiments, conducted over a several years, where I removed, added and rearranging details and components, before finally I speculated with completely new shapes and elements. I found that it was not just my designs that were transforming; my perception of what a letterform is, or could be, was as well.

What I know now is that through this process I have removed many of the preconceived expectations that I used to have when thinking about what a letter should look like. In turn, this has allowed me the freedom to create from a place of openness and a willingness to explore which has led to the creation of many letterforms and typefaces that I would have otherwise shied away from in order to remain in safer, more expected, territory. When I design a typeface, I know that the Latin letterforms will always exist, however I also know there is no harm in playing in the realm of ‘What If?’, just to see what happens when I do.”

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