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Wave Pillow 01: Black | A5 | Limited Edition of 25


Artwork created from a single frame of an animation coded in p5.js (JavaScript) consisting of multiple circles overlapping to create a flowing pillow-like shape.

Part of my ongoing exploration of art and code.

Limited edition series of 25.
Drawn black pen using a pen plotter (CNC) machine.

When you order, the artwork will be drawn on demand, meaning any slight variations that may occur during drawing process (nothing crazy, don’t worry) will make it unique and one of a kind to you.

Signed and numbered on the front.

Artwork is shipped flat and without a frame.

General Info:
Software: p5.js/Adobe Illustrator
Hardware: A3 iDraw Pen Plotter
Paper Stock: 360gsm
Pen/Marker: Rollerball 0.7
Size: A5 / 148 x 210mm

25 in stock

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