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Exploratory Chalkboard Wall (2020)

For LCI Melbourne’s T1 Open Day in 2020, I created a typographic mural on the chalkboard wall in their student lounge area.

Wanting to encourage the process of exploration and experimentation within their student work I decided to create a piece that contained a variety of ideas, secret messages, easter eggs and even mistakes.

To start, I created a basic grid for the wall space made of crosses before sitting down to apply a constant stream of consciousness approach where I deliberately left myself open to size, shape, length, width and components. This led to letterforms the adapted to each other as well as the space afforded by the wall.

I find this approach extremely rewarding when pursuing new ideas and based on the feedback I received from the staff and students, they had a lot of fun getting lost looking at all the different shapes and forms.

Check out the video here.

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