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Do What You Love Exhibition (2015)

These three posters were designed for the exhibition ‘Do What You Love’ held at the Academy of Design in Port Melbourne, Australia in 2015.

With the theme focused on “doing what you love” I set about presenting the often unseen elements of my typeface designs by presenting the grids from which I derived three of my typefaces Kit, Theo and Parker. In addition to this, I invited exhibition visitors to explore the grids for themselves by providing fine liner pens for them to draw directly on to the artwork. This also allowed for unique interaction and engagement with my audience.

Included alongside the posters was the following statement:

“Doing what I love means to simply find a place to create and explore letterforms. The kind of experimental or speculative typefaces that I design more often than not come into existence through the use of a variety of grid structures that I create.

Inspiration for these can come from anywhere, for instance the grid for ‘Theo’ (cyan grid) is derived from the windows of the Forum Theatre, the grid for ‘Parker’ (magenta grid) being inspired by parquetry brick work, while ‘Kit’ (yellow grid) was created from a grid made of geometric cat heads.

With this piece I invite you to explore these grids for yourself and create your own letterforms with the materials provided.”

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