Clu (2018)

Clu came into existence, almost by accident, when I was exploring variable font creation in the program Glyphs.

Initially I was using letters from previously designed typefaces as a way to get my head around getting it to work which was creating its own set of problems, so I started to make basic letter shapes instead.

Once I started to do this I, of course, wanted to see how letters worked with other letters, so I designed a few more, then as I went along, I found I wanted to type certain words (like my kids names for instance), so naturally I needed to fill out a few more letters. Before I knew it, I had spent many weeks making a font that included five different axis (Normal, Angle, Width, Weight and Format) that consisted of both upper and lowercase, numerals and basic punctuation.

I will continue to work on completing the other characters for each set when I get the chance, but for now I’m very happy with the result. Who knows where it might lead…

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