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Clara (2016)

Clara began life as a challenge from my former student Riley McDonald to create something typographic for his magazine “PRJKTR” based in Geelong, Victoria. With the issue revolving around “SIN”, I decided to create shapes that pushed my “sin” of letterform speculation to a new level.

Unfortunately the magazine went on permanent hiatus before publication, but lucky for me Jamie Clarke from Type Worship was the first to pick up the project and run with it. Check out the post here. (Thank you Jamie!)

Utilising grid 17 from my #100daysofspontaneous project, I tried to compose shapes that elevated the obscurity of some of my typefaces and added an element of cryptography to them. I then put together a cryptic artwork using the letters for people to try and decipher. (Her name comes from seeking “clarity”).

Looking to engage with the audience and challenge them further, I wrote a small article that provided subtle clues within the text that hinted at how I created the letter. The winner of this challenge will receive a set of my gridded sketchbooks. (At the time of publishing, there has been no winner).

You can find the full text and images here also.

Can you figure out what Clara is trying to tell you?

Let me know if you do and you might claim the prize.

Please share this with anyone you think might enjoy it.


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