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Ahara (2013)

Ahara is a typeface that I designed while aiming to bridge the gap between the ideas and shapes behind the letterforms of Amble and Sandy. Reflecting on the letterforms of both of these typefaces led to the desire to investigate the type of letterforms that would act as perceptually transitional in the grand scheme of letterform creation and understanding.

Having the ability to interact with the shapes and compositions of the previous typefaces brings about an approach that creatively ‘knows the future’ as the letterforms of Ahara know about the letterforms of Sandy and this leads to an embracing of their ideas, but also seeks to bring them closer to those of Amble.

Essentially what this becomes is an understanding that translates into being creatively intrigued by the progressively challenging letterforms of Sandy, but wishing to make these ideas slightly more accessible in order to enhance the letterforms of typefaces that look to move further into abstraction and obscurity.

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