Letter-Form Exhibition

Letter-Form Exhibition (2020)

In early 2020, I was invited to be part of a group exhibition called ‘Letter-Form’ held at Revolver Upstairs in Melbourne, Australia and curated by artist Dr. Dosey. The ‘one night only’ exhibition was put on to celebrate diverse approaches to type design and typography through a whole host of talented individuals and I used it as an excuse to create a whole new typeface called ‘FiveBy’.

The minimal final artwork I created for the show presents the entire typeface in alphabetical order and is bookended by the number ‘5’ and the letter ‘X’, as a stand in for its name.

Printed as a limited edition of 10, artworks ($60 AUD) are still available on request.


FiveBy Typeface (2020)

FiveBy (sometimes styled as ‘5X’), was created for the exhibition ’Letter-Form’ curated by Dr. Dosey held in February, 2020 at Revolver Upstairs.

To create the typeface I adhered to a strict 5 x 5 grid but acted in a spontaneous manner to draw each letter while adding a high level of detail into each shape. 

Inspired by puzzle games and an earlier typeface idea that I never completed, I was very interested in making random forms that I only assigned specific letter sounds and meanings to after the fact. This led me to need to examine each shape for just the right amount of ambiguity and familiarity.