Trae (2016)

Trae began life as a random request I asked my 3yo daughter Polly, “Can you write your name, like me?” Utterly surprised by her ability to somewhat mimic my “good” version above hers, I then asked (read slightly forced…) her to write out each letter of the alphabet.

The letterforms consist of Polly’s original sketch with my interpretation over the top as a sort of collaboration. My excitement with these forms comes from fact that on examination of each “perfect” Latin letterform that I wrote down, these are the representations that Polly created.

I love the idea that once she had finished writing, she did not see her interpretation as “wrong” because it didn’t look like mine. She was simply happy with what she had made. This is a freedom we should all have as creative individuals.

Typism Book Three

Typism Book Three

This piece was designed as a contribution to awesome Typism Book Three which was released in 2016.

The artwork showcases the typeface Edie and incorporates a subtle key to help decipher the message.

Can you figure out what it says without cheating?