Letterpress Exhibition

I’d Letterpress the Shit Out of That Exhibition (2015)

This letterpress piece was designed for the exhibition ‘I’d Letterpress the Shit Out of That’ held at Work-Shop Melbourne in Fitzroy, Australia in 2015.

The exhibition featured the excellent work of each of the speakers (and organiser) from the Typism Conference held in April of 2015 and was born out of a conversation while we all waited at the Gold Coast airport for our planes home.

Printed in an edition of 100 (all signed) it features my typeface Theo and proudly states that “IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOU FUCKING ROCK”.

I very much enjoyed the crowds of people who gathered around the artwork trying to decipher the letterforms and how elated they were when they figured it out. Well done to all those who did.

The prints themselves (printed by the very talented Saint Gertrude) can be purchased from letterpresstheshitoutofthat.com/shop while stocks last. So be quick!

Images by Carla Hackett and Tim Lucas.



Owen (2015)

Owen is based off the first grid pattern that I created as part of my 100 Days Project. Determined to create a typeface based on all 100 grids, these letterforms begin what could be a very long journey.

The forms themselves take visual cues from both the Ogham alphabet as well as the utility markings often found of streets and footpaths. Compositionally, the idea for this typeface is for it to be able to written and read either vertically or horizontally depending on the application.