Edie (2015)

The letterforms for the typeface Edie were inspired by a small section of the Edge Theatre roof at Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia.

Consisting of unique angles made of steel and glass, the shapes of the roof influenced the creation of a detailed and complex grid structure from which I derived the letterforms.

Taking cues from Echo this typeface also utilizes single character ligatures for double letters and, similar to Theo, a vertical composition when written which leads to some interesting (and often beautiful) word shapes.


Konni (2015)

Ever interested in other cultures and their writing systems, the letterforms for Konni were initially inspired by the shapes for Japanese Katakana.

After playing with the existing forms, I wanted to explore new compositions based on the Latin shapes, therefore I developed up a complex grid that overlapped two contrasting structural systems derived from what I had learned.

It was through the use of this grid that I was able to capture the essence of the initial inspiration but filter them into something more familiar to me, but still remaining foreign.