Lock (2015)

Lock is another ‘thank you via typeface’, like Kit, to Lachlan Philp for gifting me a brush pen during a Melbourne Lettering Club meet up. The typeface was also designed as an exploratory challenge to myself to utilize a more traditional tool, but apply my speculative approach to the letterforms I could create.

Not being a letterer as such, it took almost 60 pages of exploration and practice before I was happy enough with their forms. I will continue to investigate this approach.

Thank you Lachlan.


Echo (2015)

Echo finds its foundations in my previous typeface Sandy. Built into this typeface are the notions of economy and the application of single characters for common groupings of letters such as tt, oo, ing, ed, etc. and frequently used words such as the, to, for, and, of, etc.

The challenge with this typeface was to take some of the theories behind Sandy, apply them to the familiar Latin letterforms and then explore the interaction with the results of subtle changes to the extended shapes.

This typeface has the ability to evolve and adapt where needed and it is once these new elements and shapes are introduced that this typeface comes alive.