Theo (2014)

Theo is inspired by a pattern on the façade of the Forum Theatre in Melbourne, Australia. The intricate pattern was observed while taking part in the monthly Melbourne Lettering Club meet ups while I was unsure what to create.

I saw the unique pattern in the ornate window openings on this beautiful building and decided to use it to create these letterforms that explore complexity of form and alternative implementation.


Lector (2014)

Lector is a typeface that, similar to Apeloexplores the idea of making the familiar unfamiliar. However, while the latter breaks up the letterforms and reconfigures them, Lector keeps the original (or a basic version of it) and reflects it in order to create the new shape.

Therefore each letterform aims to challenge the observer by taking familiar foundations and presenting them as new, and seemingly ‘foreign’, shapes.

Tone of Voice Exhibition

Tone of Voice Exhibition

These three 200 x 200 mm pieces were designed for the exhibition ‘Tone of Voice’ held at the CATC Design School in Melbourne, Australia in 2014.

With a theme focused around the ‘Festival of Change’ taking place at the time, each of the typefaces relates to ‘change’ through the experimental and speculative exploration of letterforms and the potential transformative effect this has on creativity, perception and understanding.

Scintilla’ examines the removal of detail, ‘Fathom’ looks at the reorganisation of the existing Latin letterform components and ‘Hiero’ speculates alternative approaches to the letterforms themselves.

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