Newt (2006)

Newt is a typeface that presents letterforms that are taken to a much further point of reduction. At this level of reduction, the letterforms begin to disappear into obscurity, with some even having the danger of beginning to resemble undesired and alternate letters in the alphabet.

However, upon this discovery it should be noted that obscurity was the intention behind the design of each shape. These letterforms were deliberately aimed to provoke questions of the familiarity of these letterforms against our current ones.


Missing (2006)

Missing is an experimental typeface designed in 2006. It is based on the idea of removing detail from each letter until they become fractions of their former selves. After this, the aim was to then question whether what remained of each letter could still be understood as a letterform.

As one of the first typefaces designed under the ‘How far can letterforms’ notion, it stood as a benchmark that embodied the idea of removing detail from the recognised forms of the Latin alphabet and set itself as a foundation from which to build and continue to interpret the idea over the following years.


Game (2006)

Game was designed to encompass the notions of its namesake. Taking visual cues from sliding puzzle games, the intention of this typeface was to create a connection with the reader by engaging them in visual play that led them to re-imagine the letterforms, as they believed they ‘should’ be presented. This is an idea that becomes easier as one works his/her way through each letterform and leads to an eventual understanding of the forms regardless of whether they are ‘corrected’ or not.


Build (2006)

Build was a typeface that explored the idea of reduced detail in letterforms, but instead of taking as far as Blank, I broke it down into a series of solid components similar to Block. Wanting to make a typeface that had reduced detail, but also one with some personality, I looked to imbue some of the letterforms of Build with a certain level of elegance.


Block (2006)

Looking to continue the ideas behind Blank, this typeface aimed to take the base shapes of the Blank letterforms and experiment with adding some detail back into them. As a result, through very minimal alterations such as the introduction of curves, we can begin to see clear distinctions appear between some of the letterforms. This concept later influenced the typeface Build.