100 Days of Spontaneous

100 Days of Spontaneous Grid Booklets

Each of the 100 grids in this booklet series comes from a 100 Day Project that I undertook (initiated by Elle Luna and The Great Discontent) where I chose to develop a new grid/pattern every day for 100 consecutive days based on spontaneity and no forethought.

Using only a black fine liner, a red fine liner and a 17×17 unit working area, I set up the following rules that I had to create by:

• I was not allowed to plan or prepare for any design
• As soon as my pen touched the paper I had to draw whatever came to my mind
• I was not allowed to stop or leave the sketch once I had begun to draw no matter how long it took
• Any and all mistakes had to be incorporated into the overall grid or pattern, no exceptions

A project of endless possibility I wanted to present evidence of the flexibility of a simple square grid and the exploration that could come from randomness coupled with not designing for a particular purpose.

These booklets are the initial steps into making these grids available to the public. Currently a set of five, the intention is to eventually publish the entire 100 sketchbooks, as well as use the grids as a way to collaborate with others.

To see all the progress of the project you can see it here: #100daysofspontaneous


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